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Euroformat elevators are in the library of the future

September 10, 2017: Metropolitan Archbishop Andrey Sheptytsky Center was opened. It is the newest information and resource center in the campus of UCU in Lviv. The heart of this center is a modern European-style library with spacious and functional rooms, incredible design and modern Euroformat elevators.

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Euroformat has presented new components - gearless motor E27 and VSD E300 produced by LEROY-SOMER Company

On July 19-22, 2017, Euroformat have organized a trip for the company's partners to the LEROY-SOMER plant in France. Purpose of the trip: presentation of new elevator components, which are planned to be implemented in the near future - gearless motor E27 and frequency converter E300, manufactured by LEROY-SOMER.

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Plant field trip for the children of employees

Euroformat actively maintains contact with the children of company staff and occasionally  involves them in various activities. On April 14, 2017, plant field trip was organized. Children have visited the workshops with the opportunity to see the stages of elevators production and received souvenir gifts.

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Euroformat representatives have visited Leroy-Somer company in France

In the fall of 2016, Euroformat representatives have visited the French company Leroy-Somer. The main purpose of the visit was the presentation of a new motor model - E-27. The plant's delegation familiarized itself with the equipment production and agreed with the French colleagues on supply and cooperation.

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New market development: Euroformat held a high-profile presentation in Poland

Euroformat has held a business presentation in the city of Poznan. The business meeting was devoted to discussing the possibilities and prospects for the Euroformat Plant on the Polish market. The presentation was attended by the officials of the leading installation companies in Poland. This resulted in contracts signed for the delivery of lifting equipment to the EU.

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Euroformat Plant has started production of hospital elevators

Euroformat Plant has successfully started production of modern hospital elevators and is ready to offer its own product for the replacement of lifting equipment in medical institutions. The company does not just make the replacement of the hospital elevator, but it offers modern equipment for comfortable passenger transportation - with attractive design and improved consumer specifications.

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