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Cabins “Art”

Elevator cab Art is an option to reach the most complex design purposes. The cabin construction allows us to use almost any finishing materials: steel, wood, glass, decorative plastic


  • Rigidity of construction
  • Additional soundproofing
  • Individual design solutions


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Construction of cab wall

  1. Stainless steel 1.0 mm
  2. MDF 12 mm
  3. Decorative panel
  4. Galvanized metal 1.2 mm
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Examples of implemented objects

Cabin equipment

Plastic, wood, other material (on request) + Base
Glass + Option
Linoleum "Premium" + Base
Stone "Econom" + Base
Stone "Standard" + Base
Painted metal + Base
Stainless steel (polished / polished) + Option
Stainless steel "Satin" + Option
Operation panel (form)
Flat + Base
Trapezoidal with illumination + Option
Operation panel (material)
Stainless steel (grinded) + Base
Stainless steel (polished) + Option
Stainless steel "Satin" + Option
Floor indicator
LED + Base
LCD + Base
TFT + Option
BST (with indication, braille font) + Base
Schaefer (with indication, braille font) + Option
Mirror on the whole wall + Option
1/2 Wall Mirror + Base
Mirror "Splat" (1/3 of the wall) + Option
Round straight + Base
Rectangular + Option
Voice / music / gong
Music + Base
Voice announcement + Base
Gong + Base
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