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Machine room-less elevators (series "EFR")

Machine room-less (MRL) elevators of the EFR series due to the improved design allow to optimize the space of the building and are equipped with a gearless motor, which has a number of advantages: - environmentally friendly and reduces maintenance costs - elevators do not require oil change. - energy-efficient - the technique consumes less energy. - has reduced vibration and noise characteristics

Minimum pit depth:
1.0 m / s - 1200 mm 1.6 m / s - 1400 mm
Minimum height of the upper floor:
1.0 m / s - 3400 mm 1.6 m / s - 3600 mm
Minimum shaft dimensions:
400 kg - 1650 x 1550 mm 450 kg - 1550 x 1550 mm 630 kg - 1650 x 1720 mm 1000 kg - 1700 x 2420 mm
Elevator shafts “EFR”

You can save drawings to your computer in a format convenient for you and work with them at any time

EFR Elevators shafts blueprints
 in .PDF
EFR Elevators shafts blueprints
 in .DWG
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