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Euroformat launches the manufacture of potbelly stoves

Given today’s urgent need, the Euroformat plant has launched a new line of business—the manufacture of potbelly stoves.

The plant’s technical experts designed the structure for the most efficient warming in the cold season, and then we manufactured test units at the production site and passed them to external specialists for testing. The first stoves have already been sent to the frontline to keep our defenders warm!  

Our potbelly stoves come in two models: BAVOVNA and CHORNOBAIIVKA. The latter features a convection system and thereby is more powerful. The stoves have a cooking surface and can be supplied with detachable dryers for footwear and clothes. Follow the link to the price list on our website to check all the options, technical specifications, and prices. You can order a single item or get a discount for wholesale orders.


Contact us to learn more or place an order:

+380 67 506 26 32

+380 44 494 35 35


Oleksandr Kryzhanovskyi

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