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“Zavod Euroformat” Ltd. is a part of group of companies «EUROFORMAT» that specializes in manufacturing of products made of metal and provision of services for residential and commercial construction. The main direction of the plant is the manufacture of elevator equipment. The company provides a whole range of services related to engineering, guarantee and service maintenance, replacement of elevator equipment.

It is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of elevators with production facilities Kyiv, that exports products to European countries

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The group of companies incorporates Zavod Euroformat LLC with production facilities and headquarters in Kyiv. The European representative office of the company is located in Poland (Poznan)

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Capacity expansion

EUROFORMAT initiated the construction of its new 32,150 sq m plant in 2017. The equipment upgrade and production line automation will enable the company to raise its output. The routine capacity expansion through the construction of three new shops will push the manufacturer's monthly output up to 300 elevators.

EUROFORMAT prepares tower commissioning at new plant

EUROFORMAT has made an important step toward improving the operational performance of its elevators. The new tower will enable tests for the components of existing elevator designs as well as all-new ones developed by the manufacturer's design engineers. The company also plans to establish and certify an in-house laboratory to issue compliance certificates in Ukraine.