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Loans for the purchase of Euroformat elevators

Zavod Euroformat LLC and its partner bank Hlobus offer a special loan program to purchase elevators from the manufacturer

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Euroformat launches the manufacture of potbelly stoves

Given today’s urgent need, the Euroformat plant has launched a new line of business—the manufacture of potbelly stoves.

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Metal processing services

Euroformat provides metal processing services. The fleet of equipment at our production site enables the following activities

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Euroformat Continues to Operate in Wartime

Today, Euroformat works to restore Ukraine’s economy because supporting our country is now extremely important.

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The plant Euroformat was named the winner in the nomination “Elevator manufacturer 2021”

The plant Euroformat becomes the winner for the fifth year in a row (2017–2021)—this proves that its products are highly recognized by consumers who use the Euroformat elevators every day.

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Euroformat has joined the Board of Directors of the UBC

The Ukrainian construction community meeting took place on 25 May, with Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine representatives and People's Deputies among its participants.

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The Only Elevator Test Tower Launches in Ukraine

The only 40-meter elevator test tower in Ukraine operates at Euroformat’s new plant.

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Euroformat’s Elevators Featured in INTERIOR DESIGN in Ukraine

Euroformat’s elevators complemented one of the best architectural projects in the magazine INTERIOR DESIGN in Ukraine. This is a new hall in the Europassage business center.

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Euroformat Awarded the Title “Best Elevator Manufacturer 2020”

According to an independent rating survey “Ukrainian People Award”, Euroformat was awarded the title “Best Elevator Manufacturer 2020” through online voting.

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Euroformat ChatBots has started their work

With the vigorous growth of technology, increased competition, and service demands, it is important to interact constantly with customers. To make such interaction convenient and quick, the Euroformat Plant’s Quality Department launched Viber Bot and Telegram Bot public accounts to get feedback on all matters about the elevator equipment and mechanical works.

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