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Production of elevator equipment

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EUROFORMAT is all about a Stainless Reputation

The Euroformat plant is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of elevators. One of the company’s priorities is high standards of cooperation being proved by its impeccable reputation in the elevator market of Ukraine. As an integral part of cooperation with our company, we provide technical support of projects, advise clients on regulations and laws in the elevator industry, offer after-sales services, and have all certificates of conformity. We manufacture elevators to high-quality standards using European components supplied by top-level manufacturers. Learn more about our facilities.

For architects and design engineers

Our knowledge base contains drawings that will be useful for design of buildings. A convenient database search system will help you quickly find the information you need.



Latest news

  • 02.08.23

    Flexible payment terms for partners — special lending and barter offers

    The construction market of Ukraine is one of the industries most dependent on the country's financial development, so Euroformat continues to offer its partners special payment arrangements.

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  • 29.06.23

    Euroformat has been named one of the winners of the Next250 project by Forbes Ukraine

    This year, Forbes Ukraine has for the first time presented Next250, a project bringing together Ukrainian representatives of small and medium businesses.

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  • 21.10.22

    Euroformat launches the manufacture of potbelly stoves

    Given today’s urgent need, the Euroformat plant has launched a new line of business—the manufacture of potbelly stoves.

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