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Euroformat Continues to Operate in Wartime

Today, Euroformat works to restore Ukraine’s economy because supporting our country is now extremely important.

The company provides a quote for manufacturing and installing elevators and fire-rated steel doors and informs clients about the timing and stages according to individual requests.

The company’s experts are ready to provide individual technical support for projects and advise on manufacturing, installing, and putting elevators into operation according to the current regulations in Ukraine’s market. 

Also, Euroformat can supply its elevators to bridge a gap in disrupted supply channels of elevators made in Europe and other countries.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at zavod@euroformat.com or lift@euroformat.com. Also, you can use the survey form at https://euroformat.com/questionnaire

Let’s come together to strive for victory!

Glory to Ukraine!

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