Euroformat has been named one of the winners of the Next250 project by Forbes Ukraine

Ukrainian businesses continue their "struggle" to preserve jobs, recover, and develop amidst the current realities of the Ukrainian economy. This year, Forbes Ukraine has for the first time presented Next250, a project bringing together Ukrainian representatives of small and medium businesses. This is a list of promising companies, which, according to the publication, will shape the development of Ukraine. The purpose of the project is to explore the Ukrainian entrepreneurial business and showcase the diverse sectors it encompasses.

The companies included in Next250 were chosen by Forbes Ukraine from over 1,000 candidates that applied for participation themselves, and 150 companies that were additionally proposed by the editorial board. Criteria for the Next250 shortlisting:

  • financial performance;
  • fast scaling/growth;
  • export component;
  • prospects of the market in which the company operates;
  • product innovativeness;
  • unconventional management or marketing solutions.

Another important aspect in the selection process was the "resilience" factor, that is, businesses that had been significantly impacted by the war but continued to operate.

The Euroformat plant is among 250 winners who are expected to become the foundation for the development and recovery of Ukraine. In its turn, the company promises to make every effort to ensure that such expectations are 100% true!

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