Euroformat Plant has started production of hospital elevators

Today, almost all domestic hospitals use obsolete elevators. The useful life of the equipment has either expired or is about to expire, so frequent breakdowns and downtime occur, motor means that patients have to take the stairs of medical institutions. Finally realizing the urgent problem, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine begins to finance capital repairs in hospitals, including spending money for the replacement of elevators.

Euroformat has presented the solution to the problem. The plant has successfully started the production of modern hospital elevators and is now ready to offer its own product for the replacement of lifting equipment in medical institutions. The construction bureau has designed the cabin, which is suitable for a Soviet times hospital elevator (1950 x 2,700 mm). 

At the same time, Euroformat does not just replace the hospital elevator, but offers modern equipment. For example, the plant completely abandoned the obsolete swing doors, which open manually and require the presence of lifters, and provided for an automatic opening. The special attention was paid to the attractive modern design of the cabin. Euroformat hospital elevator is not just equipment for transportation of wheelchairs, but for comfortable moving of passengers. In this case, it complies with the norms of the DSTU ISO 4190.

Despite limited budget financing, Euroformat offers a new modern elevator for hospitals. Apart from its improved consumer specifications, this elevator has a pleasant appearance and provides maximum comfort for both staff and patients.

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