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Hospital elevators

Euroformat presents its own development: elevators for hospitals. It is an end-to-end solution for Ukrainian medical institutions, which is distinguished by modern design and increased focus on details that are important for patients, from running smoothness to equipment of the cabin.


The elevators comply with modern standards, including regulations of DBNV 2.2-17:2006 (State building regulations of Ukraine "Accessibility of buildings and constructions for people with limited mobility") and international standards ISO 4190-1:2010 (Installation of passenger elevators) Are suitable for existing shafts of old hospitals Provide maximum comfort for personnel and patients (automatic doors, special modes for transportation of seriously ill patients, on-board adaptations for disabled people, smooth start and stop) Automatic doors allow using these elevators both for transportation of patients on stretcher trolleys and everyday transportation of passengers Have design operating lifetime of more than 25 years

Completed projects

9 I. Mykolaychuka Str., Lviv

The public municipal clinical emergency hospital is designed to deliver round-the-clock emergency hospital-based health care for pre-hospital patients in case of acute illnesses, traumas, accidents, poisoning, as well as to perform diagnostics and treatment. 


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