Euroformat’s Elevators Featured in INTERIOR DESIGN in Ukraine

Euroformat’s elevators complemented one of the best architectural projects in the magazine INTERIOR DESIGN in Ukraine. This is a new hall in the Europassage business center. The hall’s interior is a unique design project—Black Coexistence—created by the team of Dmytro Aranchii Architects.

The team designed the hall in black—with metal accents at the reception and turquoise sofas. The core of the concept is dynamic light lines that show the key transit route: from the entrance to the elevators. Euroformat’s elevators enhanced the well-thought-out design idea.

Any interior is all about working on every detail, including elevators, especially when your design project claims to be the best. Euroformat’s specialists tailored the elevators to all of the architects’ needs, which allowed implementing every portion of the creative idea by Dmytro Aranchii Architects for the Europassage business center.

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