Euroformat has presented new components - gearless motor E27 and VSD E300 produced by LEROY-SOMER Company

For the last few years, EUROFORMAT has been engaged in the vigorous implementation of elevators with gearless motor. Since 2014, the plant has been cooperating with LEROY-SOMER, the largest producer of gearless motors on wires. Recently, this manufacturer offered a new integrated product of gearless motor E27 and frequency converter E300 to the elevator market.

In order to present these components of the elevator, a trip to France to the LEROY-SOMER plant was organized on July 19-22, 2017. This visit doubly sured the high level of organization and the careful approach of the European partner to the quality of products:

  • LEROY-SOMER motors are the most standardized as 3 models of motors cover the most common elevator capacities. All of them are compact and require less space than the models of other manufacturers.
  • All motors are thoroughly tested for noiselessness. The modern sensor system in the soundproof box fixes the noise level generated by the equipment in operation, which allows creating a product with high smoothness and silent running.
  • It is important for the company to take into consideration not only technical, but also the user specifications of products, especially in terms of the interface convenience and software. Evidence for this is variable speed drives produced by "LEROY-SOMER", which were tailor-made for the company's motors.

During the field trip, the guests were presented with a complete solution ready for implementation: the E27 motor and the E300 frequency converter. These components are designed to work in pairs, ideally interfaced, so they are able to provide the most efficient operation of the elevator. With variable speed drive E300, the adjustment of the equipment has ceased to be some voodoo practice: the user-friendly interface (like on the TV) allows almost any person to understand its functionality. That, in turn, helps to reduce the developer's expenses for highly qualified personnel (which is insufficient in the Ukrainian market) and for further maintenance of the whole system.

Euroformat Plant is engaged in the active implementation of the E27 motors and VSD E300 as a complete elevators set of the company respect that this solution is the best for the Ukrainian market for now.

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