Cabins “Standart”

According to the standard specification, the elevator is equipped with safety devices only from European manufacturers, which confirms the quality and guarantees the reliability and durability. The use of calibrated guides and pre-tensioned ropes provides a smooth motion and a comfort movement


  • Infrared veil (in a basic configuration)
  • LED lighting (in basic configuration)
  • Client’s logo on the ceiling or on the mirror of a cab


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Examples of implemented objects

Cabin equipment

Painted metal (basic - 9001) + (Basic)
Stainless steel (ground) + (Option)
Stainless steel (mirror-finished) + (Option)
Textured stainless steel "Leather" + (Option)
Linoleum (basic - 347) + (Basic)
Contract linoleum (basic - Natural 85) + (Option)
Cast stone (basic - Grey marble) + (Option)
Checker plate aluminium + (Option)
Anti-skid rubber + (Option)
Ceilin (material)
Painted metal (basic - RAL 9005) + (Basic)
Stainless steel (ground) + (Option)
Ceiling (ceiling layout)
Layout №1 + (Option)
Layout №2 + (Option)
Layout №3 + (Option)
Layout №4 + (Basic)
Layout №7 + (Option)
Layout №9 + (Option)
Control panel (shape)
Flat + (Basic)
Trapezoidal + (Option)
Control panel (material)
Painted metal + (Option)
Stainless steel (ground) + (Basic)
Stainless steel (mirror-finished) + (Option)
Floor indicator
LED + (Basic)
LCD + (Option)
BST (with indication and Braille) + (Basic)
Mirror at 1/2 of wall size + (Basic)
Round, straight + (Basic)
Accompanying voice/music/gong
Accompanying music + (Option)
Accompanying voice + (Option)
Gong + (Option)
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