Euroformat Held a Seminar for Its Development Partners in Italy

For the second time, Euroformat plant organized a trip to Western Europe for representatives of development partners of the company. This time the trip took place on July 17–18, 2018. The main purpose of the event was to visit the new production facilities of SICOR s.p.a. in Italy and to present new plant’s products of the winch supplier to its partners.

SICOR s.p.a. is one of the largest European manufacturers of elevator winches. The company was founded in 1981 in Rovereto, Italy. In 2013, a new factory with a total area capacity of 21,000 sq. m was launched. Now, the production is equipped with the latest technological solutions, including the field of automation. The total production capacity of the company is 42,000 elevator winches per year.

After the presentation of the company, the participants were taken to a tour around the production line. The new plant impressed the audience with a high level of processes automation. Among other things, customers can select fully automated warehouse components, unmanned loaders, and autonomous painting line.

Prior to transportation to the warehouse of finished products, each winch is tested in a test facility for noise, vibration characteristics, and quality. In total, more than 20 mechanical and electrical parameters are checked under 100% load conditions. Logistics organization allows moving products to a warehouse immediately after inspection, from where about 90% are sent abroad, including to Ukraine.

By organizing such trips, Euroformat confirms its cooperation with the best European manufacturers of components.

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