Euroformat assembled elevator companies in Ukraine

On June 1, 2018, on the first day of summer, Euroformat arranged a meeting for the representatives of the elevator companies from all over Ukraine. The event was held for the first time, it is planned to make it annual - on the first Friday of the summer. The gathering place was the location on the territory of the factory, embodying the relaxed atmosphere of a sunny summer day: a green lawn, barbecue, drinks and light music.

Elevator's summer day 2018 - is the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and communication in the circle of professionals. The purpose of the event is to create a platform for communication between the specialists of the elevator industry under the auspices of the Euroformat company. The director of the company Igor Tkachenko commented on the event:

Euroformat has been working in the European market for several years already. We see how the elevator business is done there and what values are being promoted. The Euroformat plant sets a goal - to form a culture of relationships in the elevator market in Ukraine.

We want to become an active participant in the process of transformation of the Ukrainian elevator market; therefore, we are collecting representatives of elevator companies for building mutual dialogue.”

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