Elevators for Mines with a Low Pit Floor: a Unique Solution by Euroformat

Euroformat developed a specific design solution for mines with a low pit floor implemented in Labiszyn (Poland). TÜV SÜD Polska European certification agency has officially confirmed that Euroformat’s elevator complied with requirements of Directive 2014/33/EU and regulations of EN 81-20; EN 81-21. In June, the elevator was successfully put into service.

The specific goal of this design was to meet the requirements of elevators maintenance safety and compliance with EN 81-21 for low pit floor elevators. The elevator was to be mounted in a shaft with a pit lower than standard dimensions, namely 650 mm height, which was a deviation from the regulated norms of DSTU EN 81-20. Such parameters of the elevator shaft usually result in increased safety risks for maintenance personnel, which have to be excluded according to European law.

The Euroformat plant developed its own technical solution achieving complete safety during maintenance of the elevator in the pit floor.

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